The spontaneity of “next”

I love the thrill of finding out new things. My students used to think I was crazy when I’d start the day with some random fact or news article or used the first 15 minutes of class to have them find something and we’d all share new ideas/theories, etc.

For the past few hours I have had my favorite custom Pandora station playing in the background. I have been a Pandora nerd for a long time. Even since joining Starbucks last year, and taking full advantage of my free Spotify perks, I have kept up the use of my Pandora account. For the past four years I have been perfecting the mix that’s on my favorite station. Some days I find a lot new songs I enjoy. Every once in a while I come across a tune I can’t stand.

Here’s the thing: I love the thrill of waiting to find out what’s coming next. Pandora does this cool thing in telling you WHY a song is playing, specifically, why it was CHOSEN for me. (See yellow box below.)


I can read the information provided to me and go look up those terms. I can see the specific elements of music and why I like those elements. I have another channel devoted to bluegrass. I have done some research regarding learning to play the mandolin, and Pandora has given me some clues as to the elements of the bluegrass tunes I like. I’ve used those to find videos of lessons and certain artists performing those styles. #NerdAlert

Technology is changing the world. The rate of this change is magnificent. Considering how fast the world moves, I mean, how infinitely big it is, this tool could be used for so many things, more than I could list. I’m excited to see how I can apply this kind of research to my other interests and to future use in the work world, whether in a classroom, a library, or in the world of coffee.

Coming next: Something new to learn. Maybe it’s a song I love. A technique I find confusing. A style that I’ve never heard of. That’s the thrill. And it’s amazing!


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