Back to school – but not school

I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Let me try to explain. I emphasize TRY.

I dearly miss school. I miss feeling like I’m constantly learning things and getting to know more about a variety of things. I have this innate curiosity about me that drove me to become a teacher. I taught for two years until the stress of the classroom and politics of teaching drove me away. I didn’t fit the “standard” mold. The problem was that what I did was working and I had results to back it up. That’s another story. That’s passed and I don’t regret leaving.

I moved on and went to work for Starbucks. I’ve been there for a year. Now I’m a shift supervisor and I’m doing this gig full time. I dearly love Starbucks and the mission, vision and values of our company. I can see myself moving up within the company, but what if that’s not all I want to do. There is more to life than one job. I once heard something about my generation having multiple careers – not just multiple jobs – in a lifetime.

I’m exploring my options of going back to school. I keep falling back on the WGU Indiana website. The whole approach to their teaching is appealing to me as it reminds me of what I liked about school and moving at my own pace. Competency-based learning and moving at my own pace is the kind of education I tried to create in my middle school classroom, and I know it would work for me.

I don’t have a great idea of WHAT I would do if I went back and got another degree. Here’s my working thought process:

  • I have a job with Starbucks.
  • I have an English degree.
  • I don’t need a business degree to advance in Starbucks.
  • I want to work on another degree – or at the very least go back to school.
  • I could pursue many other business-oriented jobs with a business degree.
  • I would be expanding my opportunity paths if I went back to school and the courses I take online might give me an idea of other jobs that are interesting to me.

I’m told that I “bloom where I’m planted,” and I really feel that it’s true. Wherever I wind up, I feel like I make it work and I usually walk away having enjoyed the experience more than I believed I ever would.

So, what’s a boy to do?


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