The weight and wait of and for challenges

Over the last few weeks, I had worked hard to get myself excited for my promotion. More responsibility, more flexibility, new challenges, and an opportunity to lead.

I walked in about 20 minutes before I was scheduled to clock in. Customers were calm and enjoying their beverages and other treats, either in conversation, reading a book or just getting some work accomplished. I pulled up a stool at the community table, which was unusually empty for a midday in the middle of the week.

As I was enjoying my sandwich, I noticed immediately that not all of my scheduled coworkers were present. Some were cut early due to a slow day. I wondered how that would affect my day. It’s too bad I couldn’t foresee what was coming.

I clocked in a few minutes later and my manager immediately informed me that she was cutting herself from the schedule for the rest of the day, and I needed to cut anyone else that I could as well. To make a long story short(er), let me just say I would have if I could have.

About one half-hour later, I was scheduled to lose one employee, and three more one half-hour after that. Business was steadily picking up, and not only could I not cut these employees early, but one of the replacements for the departing three was going to be late, too.

Things happen and I’m not upset with the situation I was presented. I expected this kind of day to be thrown at me eventually. It truly challenges me, just what I was wanting in my promotion. The day tested me, and I was able to cut myself from the schedule ten minutes early before my closing. My co-supervisor was able to cut about an hour, too, by having another go home early in the day.

The day wore me out. Trying to focus on my supervisory and management responsibilities was tough, and the focus on cutting hours of labor made it much more confusing, especially being in a summer promotion period that brings in more afternoon customers.

I left the store that night and decided I wanted to go to McDonald’s for supper. I had a coupon on my phone for a free order of fries when purchasing a sandwich. I pulled up to the drive-thru and placed my order and paid the happy cashier at the first window. Upon arriving at the second window, the young man’s face told me I was going to be waiting. He kindly asked me to pull forward to the space ahead of the pick-up window.

Then I waited. And waited. After almost ten minutes, he brought my food to my car and apologized for my wait. At that point, and being that tired, I didn’t even verify the bag was mine. It could have been filled with socks and I wouldn’t have cared. I mean, I would have missed my food, but sleep ranked higher than food.

I got home 15 minutes later, ate my food, which was fine, and promptly slept for 12 hours.


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