I will not sit still…

There’s a lot of turmoil in the world. Over the past ten days, a lot has changed. The U.S. has a new President, and my feelings toward him and the direction our country is going in are a mix of confusion and fear.

A person should not have to fear for their well-being when they are doing everything to the best of their abilities. Our President is so eager to change anything and everything, and to top it off, he has no experience in these matters. His advisers aren’t quite experienced either. I fear for what our country may be in one year’s time.

You see, I don’t have the ability to be still, to be silent, to sit idly by when I see wrongdoing committed against my fellow man. I’m not one to close off contact or keep someone away. I want to hear stories, make friends, and bring people together. The fact that our President wants to ban entry – no matter what he says about time – from persons of certain religions or nations – and despite their refugee status and the vetting they have already gone through – it all just baffles me.

What other nations may think of us now is fitting. The U.S. has always been a beacon of hope. We have welcomed everyone. Look at what the State of Liberty stands for. We are a nation of immigrants and yet we are turning away so many looking for a new beginning, for hope and a chance at changing their lives.

I truly believe in the first amendment and keeping and having your own beliefs. The part that I can’t let happen is how another person’s beliefs become a detriment on another person or group. Gay marriage isn’t going to destroy a straight couple’s marriage or family. The same goes for interracial marriage or a 22-year-old marrying a 50-year-old. For me, the same goes too for refugees looking for a new home. They’re already being vetted and cleared before entering our country. They are taking the proper channels. They want to become citizens. Why is it that so many people think those of us that support building bridges, not walls, are so keen to just let anyone in without a background check?

Change is inevitable.

People have voices.

The two go together.

Let’s not be still.

More thoughts to come in the coming days…


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