Judge not. Some ramblings to help me feel better…

An excerpt of the illustration by Toby Morris. Link

I stumbled upon a web illustration tonight on Facebook. A friend shared this, and it makes a lot of sense to me. It opens my eyes to how hard some must work to achieve the success that comes from hard work. Click here to see the illustration.


I would like to be able to say a lot about this. It would be nice to say I understand both sides. The problem is I have been guilty of thinking and judging others as is the case in the left side of the illustration. I think we’ve all been there. It’s a nasty habit and it’s something I feel I’m getting better at. When I was younger, I was privileged–good schools, helpful parents, etc. Over time, more responsibility and the decisions I made for myself impacted the road of life and the destinations where I arrived.

I am satisfied with where I am. But now, I’m able to identify more with the right side of the illustration, with the side where I have to work harder, do more, and work to achieve success even more. I left a good career that provided a reliable roof over my head to take a chance at happiness and take a job with a pay cut. Granted, I’m making close to what I made as a teacher, but I have better benefits, hours, and livelihood (socially and mentally) as a barista.

It’s nice to identify with the hard workers, the disadvantaged, and anyone else who hasn’t had the handouts that get them where they’re going. No, I’m not saying the privileged among us are not deserving of success. Many people work hard and get what they deserve. But it’s all about the judgment on each side. Don’t be too quick to judge. Be fair, be observant, and think about how you and/or others have made it to where you/they are.


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