A reflection on a long campaign and where we go from here

President-Elect Donald J. Trump (left) and Vice President-Elect Gov. Mike Pence in July 2016 at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. | Source: Wikimedia

Since the results of the 2016 United States Presidential election have come in, the country has been left in a state of division. This reality hasn’t been so much an issue since the Civil War. We must now bring both sides together and find a place to begin to heal. I imagine this will be even tougher and more complicated to endure than the campaign cycle. If we cannot accomplish healing, we will face problems for quite a long while.


No matter what the outcome of a Trump versus Clinton race would have yielded, we were going to see protests and complaining. I think this is multiplied more since the resulting popular vote was for Secretary Clinton, but the electoral vote of states went to Mr. Trump. Those in disagreement with the results should be allowed the right for peaceful protesting; this is there first amendment right, and we see it happening. However, three nights post-election, protests continue, and some are turning into violent riots as they did last evening in Portland, Ore.

In retrospect, neither candidate was the best candidate either party could put forward. I would have much rather seen an election that yielded an upstanding individual such as John Kasich (R) or Bernie Sanders (D/I). I liked each candidate for their straightforward approaches with passions to listen to citizens and promote generosity while working to move our country forward. Those are characteristics we should look for in any candidate; for lack of a better term, good-personism.

In breaking down the results and rhetoric of the past eighteen-or-so-months of campaigns, I was able to break down these important points for what I wanted from a candidate leading our country:

  • Respectful demeanor as a principled-leader
  • Higher education accessible and attainable for all
  • Promote clean energy that stops the problems of climate change
  • Keeping jobs in the United States and providing incentives for companies to stay, but also to locate here
  • A healthcare system that protects each citizen and allows them to get the best care – mental and physical – when and where they need it
  • Equal Rights – based on religion, sexuality, marriage, and race and ethnicity
  • Individual rights for each citizen to know what is best for themselves – in regards to healthcare especially

Does our new leader possess and promote these ideals? Not really – yet, but I have hope. People can change and he has already dramatically changed his demeanor in this transition from candidate to President-Elect.

I’m sure there are other thoughts I need to include here, but for now, these are my ideas. I look forward to a more inclusive, more fair Donald Trump as the President-Elect and the future President. While I greatly disagree with his party’s viewpoints, I know that his success has taken some hard work on his part. I hope he is willing to put in the effort that this position puts him in. Even though I did not support him in his candidacy, I would not be a good citizen if I was to root against him in the infancy of his presidential term. Former Evansville mayor Benjamin Bosse once said, “When everybody boosts, everybody wins,” and if we boost and support our new President, and in addition, take an active role in politics, we will win.


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