Who is this man?

I don’t quite like Trump. To me, I don’t believe he’s the scariest one running for office. I will say I do appreciate the passion the man has for what he’s doing, for wanting to stand for something. I don’t agree with the way he expresses that passion as it comes off offensively many times. I can’t say I possess the tenacity or mindset to run for the presidency and be so closely scrutinized.

I suppose I could say this of all the candidates. I’ve noticed a change specifically in the demeanor of Mr. Trump as he tries to be more presidential as pundits seem to put it. If he’d have taken this approach from the beginning and apologized for mistakes, I think I could say that I wouldn’t feel so scared of what might happen should he receive the Republican nomination or become the President.

I wish we all could look at ourselves and realize that at certain times, we do need to stand up speak our minds. I don’t advise you do it like he has been doing it. It’s good to express yourself though, to let your voice be heard.

In a way, it comes back to this interesting point: if you can vote, go vote. Let your voice be heard. Indiana has the interesting opportunity of being important in the primaries this year, and for both major political parties.

Tonight, Trump is here in Evansville. I’m thankful he likes our hotels.


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