The picture of health


I started to become a health nut earlier this year. I joined a gym, started tracking my steps and workouts with a FitBit, and now I’m keeping track of my journey with an Apple Watch.

I can stand to lose some weight, quite a bit I suppose. Food — the bad kinds — I can give up easily, but there are some things I can’t give up that keep me ticking. A prime example is coffee. I go for the more fancy beverages at Starbucks, or I get a green tea lemonade. I’ve been trying to stick to green tea lately, because my venti (large) vanilla caramel lattes are probably more calories than I care to have my friendly barista (or Starbucks website) calculate.

One of the things I’m doing to encourage my journey is to read about success stories. I’m a Redditor, and I’ve come to love reading people’s positive results. I haven’t shared anything about my journey there, because I only comment or up-vote on there. I might write something else there down the road. My primary writing is here on my website. I’m going to try and track more about this to be publicly accountable.

Unlike the brilliant author of the book I’m reading — Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs — I am not questing to become “the healthiest man in the world.” I’m focused on this shortlist:

  • feeling better
  • sleeping better
  • generally being a more active individual
  • looking better
  • clearer mind

This list can be summed up by working to be healthier and have higher self-esteem. I’ve come to learn as I’ve been working out and eating better these few months that to have good physical care means you need to have a good self-care habits that keep you in check when it comes to mental health. One goes hand in hand with the other.

What are my daily/almost daily goals?

  • meditate daily (15-30 min. minimum)
  • drink more water – perhaps 10 glasses per day?
    • I considered the “gallon challenge”
    • I cannot feasibly carry one gallon of water with me each day
  • walk/run for 40 minutes a day
  • bike for 20 minutes a day*

*On days when I cannot ride a bike at the gym, I’ll supplement that activity with more walking or running.

So, I hope you’re ready for the journey. I’m off to work!



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