Let it be? Yep.

I’m trying to do what I can to “let it be” these days.

Over the years I have allowed this phrase to take on many different meanings.

In the classroom, it applied to the way we work. If a student happened to be doing something that was not noticed by someone else, but I noticed it and I hadn’t necessarily permitted it, and it didn’t take away from the learning process for the student doing the thing, I’d let it be. My thinking: why break that learning experience? It’s not extreme, not taking away from their focus, and it’s not bothering me, so let it be.

You’ve got mail

In my own life, especially now, I’m saying let it be to life’s casual situations. For example, about two weeks ago I received an email from a manager at a company asking me to interview for a position I had applied for in the past, but I didn’t necessarily show interest in at the moment. My interest was piqued; however, I wasn’t necessarily interested in the position anymore, as it had been kind of off in the past when I did apply.

Well, I took up the offer to interview, and put forth the time to polish my resume, go to the interview, chat with references, and research more about the industry and the job. The interview went very well, and the interviewers could not have been more polite. I felt good after the interview, but deep down, I don’t feel like I saw myself working there. It’s also worth mentioning that the pay wasn’t what I was making at my current venture, and nothing at my current job was pushing me away; it’s a job I held before teaching, and I’m so thankful they welcomed me back with open arms after I departed the education industry.

“Things happen, that’s all they ever do”

Those lyrics from Dawes’ song “Things Happen” fit my feelings right now. The company I interviewed with replied to an inquiry I sent (since it had been a week since the interview) and told me they’d extended an offer to someone else.

Part of me wanted to be upset with their response. I did feel like I wanted to know how it really went and what they thought, since they seemed so enthusiastic before, but I want to let it be, because I’m not unhappy with my present circumstances. Things happen, this happened, and I have decided to let it be.

Nothing changes for me. The next verse of “Things Happen” ends like this: “And a few revisions to my plan of attack.”

Part of me wants to change my plan of attack, my strategy, but I don’t need to. I didn’t get that job, but I didn’t go looking for that job, and I’m good to go with my present situation. So, I guess I am feeling a tad disconcerted and unsure, but that’s a human emotion I’m entitled to feel.

Tomorrow, more things will happen. Because that’s what happens. And I (will) feel fine.

Want to hear the song/see the video for Dawes’ “Things Happen”? Click here.


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